He is unique person

When someone told me about himself that he got personalization problem. He said that he frequently believed that the people, the surroundings, and even his own life were not real. It’s as if he lived in a dream world, he also thought that his family members weren’t real. And the weird one is that he quite often said that he could see himself. Really I didn’t understand what he say, I started wondering about that (kepoooo),  And  what if  there’s a girl in front of him. there’s the one who loves him. but he thought that she is unreal. There’re many questions on my head

“can you make commitment on a decision as you yourself  aren’t even recognize who you are? Will you be able to love one woman for the rest of your life? Will you be happy with the one who loves you or the one who you love? because I guess it’s about lost sense of life, feel empty, disconnected and unreal. but I didn’t have courage to say that hahahah…..

I was curious to find out what he had said. I started to search some articles and ask my friends and my lecturer. Alhamdullilah one of them is neuroscientist and psychologist. And all answers satisfied my curiosity at all.
‘’The soul is the ‘real us’, and when we disconnect from it in someway, or maybe we don’t even know it’s there to begin with, that can start to cause us a whole bunch of problems, spiritually, emotionally, and also physically, because all three areas are connected to each other. All of us have far more depth, spiritually, than we give ourselves credit for. He is a unique mission in life, a unique way of building the world, and getting more in touch with his soul and spiritual dimension hold the key to knowing what that is, and starting to feel more filled-up and purposeful”

Back to about him
He is unique person with his problem. He is big soul. Sometimes big soul
often experience the world as unreal. God is giving him a message to dig a bit deeper, and start to find out who he is and what direction he need to take in life, he need to start to listen more to his inner else is out there and what else might be inside of him, spiritually speaking.
So if ALLAH allow me to meet him again, I just wanna say “ Don’t freak out about weird symtoms and don’t stop there’’

P.S my english is third language, sory for typos. 🙂



Lets myself run into the writings

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