Go for it

I was searching a place to sit and what i got was a bus shelter. I’ve just realized that in front of me stood a small building “bengkel honda” with its logo. A Wing and beneath is its name of the building “ samudra” . Then i was curious the name of the bus shelter i am sitting at. It is halte “bus sekolah”.
The building shows what we will achieve and what we need to do to gain all of the knowledge we need to learn. A wing, by learning as a student of life and god, we will be able to fly high and see the real world in our eyes and can see wider than anyone else. We will see the truth and reality.
Honda is just like japanese people who are known to be very discipline and hardworking.
Samudra, the base of it. God’s knowledge which is like an ocean compared to human’s knowledge that means nothing is impossible in god’s knowledge.
A single dropped leaf has been determined and destined to happen with many reasons, just like me sitting here at a bus shelter and a building in front of me.
We can find out why we were destined to meet someone or say goodbye or …..
Why and why, why god destined this to us.. what is the relation between our lives and those things.
God destined something for human’s sake right?

“ tafakkur”



Lets myself run into the writings

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